Mondays are not for me

I don't know what it is about Mondays, but the past few Mondays haven't been the best days of the week for me. Today, I went back to the Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce) to see if the avvocato (lawyer) had anything else to tell me about my contratto di locazione (rental agreement), and I wasn't happy with what he had to say.

It turns out that my contratto di locazione is legal because the building I live in is vincolato (meaning a historical building). Rules somehow do not apply to these buildings and they are able to write whatever they want in the contratto. This much I had already heard, but my point of contention was with the two agenzie immobiliari that didn't tell me explicitly the terms of the agreement.

The capo (boss) said, "Ora non tornerà mai più a salutarci." (Now, she wont' come back to say hello to us.) They laughed when I said, "Addio" (Farewell), but it's probably true that I won't go back to see them though. Not that they're not nice guys, but we have nothing really to talk about and I'm hoping I won't have any more problems with my future contratti di locazione.

What really bothered me is that neither of the agencies mentioned the absence of the disdetta (notice to leave) on the contratto di locazione. One of the agenti immobiliari (real estate agents) even told me, "Mi è sfuggito" (It escaped me/I missed it) when I mentioned the disdetta not being there.

I walked out of the Camera di Commercio a bit disappointed, but I also wondered if maybe the capo doesn't want me to make a formal complaint because he knows one of the agenti immobiliari. When I mentioned the name of the guy last week, he was a bit surprised and said he'd call him directly to find out more information. At that point, I thought that Florence can really be too small at times.

In the end, I didn't file a complaint, but now have to talk to one of the agenti immobiliari because she represents me for my new place too. I already asked someone else to review my new contratto di locazione, so I don't need to tell my agente immobiliare that I don't require her services any more. I'm thinking that I should do it before next Monday because I fear it won't go well if I wait another week.

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