I wish to be more like water

I was looking across the Arno today and noticing the many trees without leaves. I suddenly remembered how, when I moved into my apartment in August, the trees were covered with leaves. This year for me has been full of changes. I have had to let go of many dreams and hopes, which has in turn allowed me to embrace new dreams and hopes. Had I not been willing to let go of what I had, I wouldn't have what I am enjoying now in my life. And, I have learned once again that life is all about accepting its flow of what and who exits my life as well as what and who enters it.

And now that this year is ending, it is time for me to bid a final farewell to all that has occurred this year and make more room for all that may be coming to me in the new year. I feel that I must embrace the hope that the new year brings and honor the year that has passed.

I smiled as I looked out at the trees across the river because I felt as if it wasn't a sad moment for the barren trees, but a hopeful one. I know that new leaves will grow on these same trees in a few months, just as I know that no matter how bad things may seem in my life, a moment of joy is waiting just around the corner for me.

May this year be filled with much love, joy, hope, happiness, and light for us all. May we each be able to be more like water and continue to flow no matter what appears or descends on our path. And my we all find more love in our lives to give and receive.

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