Primavera al mare?

It was just yesterday that I was hoping that the temperatures would increase. And today, my wish was granted. I love winter; however, I'm getting a little tired of having to wrap a scarf around my neck and keeping my jacket buttoned up to the top before opening my front door. We have had a few sunny days, but the air has been quite chilly nonetheless.

When my suocera (mother-in-law) called me today, she told me that it was primavera al mare (springtime at the seaside). She explained that primavera begins one month earlier than it does here in Florence. So, we have to wait until March 21st, before our primavera arrives.

As a treat, however, we did end up getting a good taste of primavera with temperatures topping 17C (62F) when just a few days ago the temperatures were around 2C (35F).

I opened all the windows in our apartment and let the warm spring air flow freely inside. It cooled down after lunch, but at least for a few hours, it felt as if primavera had already arrived in citt (in the city) today.

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