Incorrect date of birth on my atto di matrimonio

Last Saturday, I received a phone call from the woman at the comune (city hall) who is working on transcribing our marriage. She told me that the Consolato italiano (Italian consulate) had put the date of my divorce as my date of birth, including the year. To rectify it, she asked me to come by on Tuesday to sign a document stating the change to be made to our atto di matrimonio (marriage certificate).

I wanted to go immediately on Monday, but the woman said she wouldn't be there, so I had to wait another day. Before we left for our trip to Siena yesterday, I stopped by the comune to talk with the woman. She told me that I could come by anytime after 8:30 a.m. and I knew I had to get there before the museum in the Palazzo Vecchio opens because the metal detector line can get long.

I had to bring my passport for her to verify my date of birth even though it's written on every other document she has in her possession. She told me that it will take a few months before the atto di matrimonio is corrected because a giudice (judge) now has to sign it.

She did give me a copy of my atto di matrimonio with an adjoining document stating that my date of birth is incorrect. By next week, our marriage will be transcribed in the anagrafe (registry office) next week with the correct information.

I was happy to have a handwritten atto di matrimonio even though it had the incorrect date of birth on it. I'm hopeful that the atto di matrimonio will be corrected before our first year anniversary in October this year. Although the woman did say that they might need my certificato di nascita (birth certificate), but said she didn't want it now because she's hoping it'll go through with the other documents with the correct date.

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