Rainy May

It's a dark and rainy morning that we usually see in January and not in May. The weather has been unpredictable and not very enjoyable at this time of year. It's May and all I dream of is sunshine, blue skies and dry streets. Florence is beautiful no matter what, but the sun would be a welcomed bonus.

Luckily I went to the Giardino dell'Iris with Erin yesterday. I was told the weather all week would be bad, i.e. cold and rainy. It was hard to believe the weather forecast since yesterday morning it was sunny. Right after lunch, the storm hit: rain, lightning, and thunder. At times I looked out the window to see rain coming down in sheets with the dark grey sky turning almost white from the mist of the heavy rain.

I watched groups of tourists wearing summer clothes and flip-flops as they walked along the Arno under colorful umbrellas. I was happy to be home where it was dry, but I long to go outside to take some more photos of my beloved city in the sunlight.

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