Un cappuccino e due gelati

Because I can get a good gelato (ice cream) any time I want in Florence, I tend to rarely go and eat one. In the summer, I generally get one when I'm walking around after dinner outside or with friends who come to Florence for a visit. Almost everyone who comes to visit always want to have a gelato and a cappuccino, but not in that order. I don't blame them. They are two of my favorite things to eat in Italy. And, today I was fortunate enough to have a cappuccino and two gelati (ice creams).

I started my day by having a quick colazione (breakfast) at a pasticceria (pastry shop) in Piazza Repubblica. I stood at the bar eating a pasta (pastry) and sipping my cappuccino while watching others come in and do the same.

Before lunch, I picked up my friend's seven-year-old figlia (daughter), Viola, so we could spend some time together and walk around centro (downtown). She lives outside of Florence and rarely comes in for a visit, so I thought it'd be fun to spend time togther. Before our small tour of the city, we decided to go for a gelato. I took her to Grom where I took her ten-year-old sorella (sister) last week.

I took her sorella into Orsanmichele, but I knew Viola would be less interested. I was happy that my friend and her figlia came so that Viola could play with her. I loved watching the two girls play as I rarely get to see children have fun together. We had a pleasant walk around the city in the shade, but Viola especially loved riding the giostra (merry-go-round) in Piazza Repubblica.

Later in the evening, I met up with a friend and his wife who are visiting Italy on their honeymoon. After dinner, I showed them around the centro. I took them for a gelato to another gelateria (ice cream shop) that my brother likes a lot. It was nice to change for once as I sometimes find myself going to the same gelaterie.

I tasted the gelato allo zafferano (saffron ice cream) that is supposedly typical in Sicily. It was a unique flavor, but I didn't like it enough to get a coppa (cup) of it. I ended up getting the gelato al cocomero (watermelon ice cream) because it's one of my favorite gusti (flavors) even though it's not that easy to find.

I love gelato and cappuccino, and I see why people try them both during their visit to Italy. They both certainly shouldn't be missed. I was fortunate enough to have a cappuccino this morning along with two gelati in one day: one in the morning and one in the evening.

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