Talking with another tifosa

I am a huge tifosa (fan) for the Fiorentina, the soccer team in Florence. Every Sunday I watch the game on TV, and sometimes am fortunate enough to go to the stadio (stadium). I used to only be able to watch the partite (matches) at my in-laws' house, but when I had a lot of work and needed to stay home, I subscribed to Sky Sport/Calcio (Soccer). Fortunately, I have a lot of people with whom I can share my love of calcio, especially my marito (husband).

When I go to the mercato or in any of my habitual shops, I talk to the people I know, like the ortolano (greengrocer) and macellaio (butcher) about the latest partita (match). I was introduced to a girl one day who works in a shop on via dei Neri who is also a tifosa. More so than me because she has an abbonamento (season ticket) in Curva Fiesole, which is the section of the stadio near Fiesole. I was happy to meet her because she was the first girl that I could speak to about the Fiorentina.

We had talked over the last few weeks about the Fiorentina because she was outside when I walked by. Today when she was in her shop, I had to talk to her because she told me that she was going to Bologna for last Sunday's partita. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to neve (snow), but was replayed on Monday.

"Ciao! Allora sei tornata a Bolgona lunedì? (Hi! Did you go back to Bologna on Monday?)" I asked her after entering her shop. She explained how she had to work, and was sad that she missed the partita. We talked about how happy we were that the Fiorentina ended up winning on Monday thanks to two goals by Mutu. "Mutu è l'unico che può fare la differenza. Mutu is the only one who can make the difference," I said. She agreed and we discussed some of the details of the partita.

We had already talked about our favorite calciatori (players) the first time we met, and today she told that she has a picture with the allenatore (coach) of the squadra (team), Prandelli. I told her that I just got Frey's dedica (autograph) the other day, and that I had a caffè (coffee) next to Prandelli a couple of months ago. I told her that I was so nervous that I couldn't look at him to say hello even though I know that he is alla mano (approachable).

She is going to the partita at the stadio this Sunday, while I'll be watching it on TV. When I left her shop, I said, "Forza Viola! Go Viola!" Viola is the nickname for the Fiorentina because the main color is viola (purple). And she responded, "Sempre Forza Viola! Always Go Viola!"

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