My sister is in town

I was happy when my sister told me that she was coming to Florence for a week. I immediately started thinking about all the places I'd like to show her that I have discovered. I began making lists of places I want to show her and restaurants for us to eat at. The last time she was here was two years ago, and a few things have changed. There are new restaurants and shops for her to see. She knows Florence fairly well since she's come many times, but things change here and I'm excited to be her cicerone (guide).

For places she should visit, I included the following places: Piazzale Michelangiolo, Museo Stefano Bardini, the Bargello, the Uffizi, and the Accademia.

I asked her about coming with me to the Mostra Cristalli, which opened last month, and we've fit it into the schedule. I've been waiting for her to arrive so that we could go together.

As for eating out, I have already planned the meals around the days that she's here according to my Dining in Florence personal page. There are a few places I do want to try that other reviewers on the site have reviewed, so I've had to list out all the meals we have available and all the restaurants we want to eat at.

The weather now is spectacular: cool in the mornings and evenings and sunny and warm during the day. It's perfect for visiting the city. We have a lot to do in the eight days that she's here, and I hope that we have enough time to enjoy all the places on my list as well as all the meals we'll be having each day. It's too bad that we can't eat more than twice a day, but at least we can hit at least one gelateria (ice cream shop) a day. My sister went to Gelateria dei Neri in the afternoon for a snack, and we went to Carapina after dinner.

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