Visita medica sportiva

For the Notturna di San Giovanni that will be held on June 20th, we have to either have a tessera FIDAL (FIDAL card) or a certificato medico (medical certificate) from a doctor to say that we are fit. Because my friend Erin and I want to keep our options open and possibly enter into other gare (races), we decided to get a tessera FIDAL for atletica leggera (track and field sports). There are a few ways to get one, but the easiest one I was told is to be a part of a sports association. Through Alessandro's work, all three of us signed up to get a tessera FIDAL, and today we had our visita medica per l'idoneità agonistica (medical visit to see if we're fit for competitions).

Alessandro went early to the studio medico (medical office) while Erin and I rode our bici (bikes) there. We rode contro mano (on the wrong side of the road) down via di San Niccolò until we hit the Porta San Niccolò. We cut across Lungarno Cellini and got up on the pista ciclabile (bike path). We rode over Ponte San Niccolò and down viale Amendola toward Piazza Beccaria.

We parked our bici in front and walked inside to wait in line. After giving our names, we were asked to wait for the doctor. He came out, "Signora P.?" I was a little startled since no one ever calls me by my husband's name. I raised my hand and smiled at the doctor.

He led me to his office while Alessandro was finishing up, and we left Erin sitting in the sala d'attesa (waiting room). The room was cool, but Alessandro was complaining about how hot he was. He told me that he just did 15 minutes on the bicicletta (bicycle). I knew that was part of the test, but I assumed it'd be easy.

The doctor asked me to sign a few documents that I didn't really read since Alessandro was signing too. He asked me about my medical history, but was mostly looking for any heart problems. I looked around the room and saw photos of him, Olympic medals, and the Italian pallanuoto (water polo) team. I felt almost awkward wanting a tessera FIDAL because we are just wanting to take part in gare that might be competitive, but we're doing them for fun.

The doctor strapped on electrodes to my back and chest. I sat on the bicicletta which he said to keep at 60. At first it was simple and then it began to get more and more difficult. After awhile, I couldn't wait for it to end. I understood why Alessandro was hot because even in the air conditioned room, I was sweating.

When I completed the test, he wrote down a few things and then began to talk to my friend Erin. Because she's younger than me she didn't have to do the same test, but had to do a stair test for only a couple of minutes. The doctor said that under a certain age, the problems are more due to arrhythmia than endurance under stress.

We have a standard drug esame (test) to do before we get our certificato medico, and when we get it, it'll be valid for one year. Alessandro has already informed me about a gara next week, and has even signed up for the maratona (marathon) in November. I'm not planning on doing a maratona, but I am in awe of anyone who attempts it. For the moment, I'm just going to sign up for the Notturna di San Giovanni next month.

Erin and I had planned on signing up for the gara immediately after our visita medica, but instead we went to my new favorite gelateria, Carapina, in Piazza Oberdan to have a treat.

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