A short story by Andrea Ponsi published on FFTH

After attending Andrea Ponsi's presentazione (presentation) of his book "Firenze Sensibile" in March, I was impatient about publishing a racconto (short story) on the Florence from the Heart website. I was so happy when he told me that I could publish the first racconto that I chose, which is "Non ho portato con me gli acquerelli" ("I didnít bring my watercolours with me"). It is one of my favorite racconti in the book, and it is published on the site in both English and Italian.

Right after I returned from vacanza (vacation), I emailed Andrea to find out when I could publish the racconto from his book, which is called "Florence: Map of Perceptions" in English. He informed me that University of Virginia Press will be releasing his book early next year.

On the website, his racconto is accompanied by a picture of an acquarello (watercolor) that he did for the racconto, which will also be included in the English edition of the book. I'll certainly buy it because his acquarelli I find are full of emotion and grace, much like his words and the city itself.

I am excited about Andrea's book coming out in English because I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it in Italian. It's one of those books that touches me and incites different emotions each time I read it. I'll be publishing at least one more racconto before his book is released next year, but it'll be difficult to choose just one as they are all beautiful.

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