The Florentineís fifth anniversary dinner

Last night Alessandro, one of my girlfriends, and I went to the dinner for The Florentineís fifth anniversary. I remember attending their fourth anniversary last year as one of their new writers. Itís hard to believe that an entire year has already passed since then.

My marito (husband) met all the people at The Florentine for the first time. I sometimes meet with the editors, but there hasnít been an occasion to meet my marito. Of course, Florence is so small that we did cross paths with Leo, the paperís graphic artist, at the stadio (stadium) once.

The dinner and entertainment were all delightful, but for me the most important part was to celebrate the paper. For me, the Florentine allows so many people to connect not only to the city, but also to each other. Through the paper, we are able to discover more about the city we live in and appreciate it even more.

I am very grateful to The Florentine for giving me the opportunity to write about expats in Florence as well as to write up the news about the Fiorentina. Itís a joy for me to write about what I love and share it with others.

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