A quick stroll through the city

This weekend I took a course that took place in a large hotel alongside the Arno. Each day, I walked along the Arno away from the centro (downtown area) toward Ponte San NiccolÚ. I didnít know how much Iíd miss seeing my beloved city until this morning when I was walking to my friendís apartment on via Ghibellina for a chat. I walked to Piazza della Signoria to pick up some brioche (croissants) for us and took a stroll down via Calzaiuoli.

With the Uffizi closed, the piazza seemed quieter than usual. There were a few people, but not many. Because most of the shops arenít open on Monday morning, the streets were empty of the usual delivery trucks before opening time. The unlit shop windows displayed light-colored summer clothes that hinted that warm weather was just around the corner. On Saturday, we had a wonderful day of sunshine while Sunday it rained all day. Today, the sky looks uncertain, but possibly the sun will come out.

I looked up at the buildings along via Calzaiuoli and walked past Orsanmichele, and headed for via del Corso. I was so taken by my cityís charm that I didnít realize at first that I had already overshot my friendís street by a couple of blocks. I shouldíve turned down an earlier street to cut through. I continued to via Proconsolo and turned away from the Duomo.

As I walked past the Bargello to my friendís street, via Ghibellina, I noticed three large groups around my favorite museo (museum). I felt almost envious that they were going in for a visit; I havenít been in months.

I was happy to arrive at my friendís place, but a part of me wanted to wander the streets a bit more. I hadnít realized that I would miss not strolling the streets of my beloved city as much as I did.

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