Sitting in Piazza Demidoff

After walking to San Niccolò to meet a friend for caffè, I stopped in the giardinetto (small garden) in Piazza Demidoff on my way back. Instead of rushing home, I sat down on one of the wooden benches along the sidewalk to take in the city. While the sun was behind me warming me up, the wind whisked by to cool me down.

From the bench, I could see the top of the Duomo where people were walking around to get the best views of the city. Instead of looking around, I began to watch the people walking past me along the lungarno. I always wonder what people think about my beloved city when they arrive.

I almost brought my macchina fotografica (camera) with me today, but decided at the last minute to not bring it. I can’t capture everything in a foto (photo) about any of my experiences in the city. I love listening to the city, like the cars and motorini (scooters) that whiz by. I’m always interested to find out where people walking by are from and try to catch a word or two to just decipher which language they’re speaking.

I love immersing myself in my beloved city. Sitting on the bench today allowed me to relax and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of my city. Florence is not just the monuments, the river and the charming streets, but also the residential streets, the small giardini (parks), and the less frequented areas. Florence is fascinating not just because of what it is, but also what it once was and what it is still becoming.

I am not only fortunate to live in such a vibrant city, but also fortunate to be able to recognize and appreciate it as such. All the sensations I have when I pause for a moment and take notice instill me with such joy. I do it often in different places, but sometimes I think I might not be doing it often enough.

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