Embracing the fall

Itís the first of October and fall is certainly in the air. The temperatures have cooled down, the sun is weaker, more clouds float across the sky, and the days end earlier. Nevertheless, I love the fall. Just like I love the spring. For me, these are the two active seasons of the year. Itís probably not by chance that in American English, the two seasons are also verbs.

I feel as if everything is set in motion for me in the spring and fall. While during the summer and winter, things tend to slow down. Itís almost as if the changes affect me more and propel me to start and finish projects.

I especially love the fall when the leaves turn color and fall to the ground. From across the Arno, I havenít seen many changes, but I do hope to visit a giardino (garden) soon to take a closer look. I also like the cool morning air that warms up as the day goes on. Although sometimes, the air is so nippy in the morning that the city smells refreshed.

I donít mind when the grey clouds passing overhead sometimes bring rain. The city always looks and smells cleaner after a good rain.

I think I appreciate the seasons because I come from a part of California where the temperatures were moderate and the seasons werenít as pronounced. While living in Florence, I have learned to embrace change and even welcome it with open arms. I look forward to seeing more changes each day.

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