A grey morning

This morning I had to walk to an appointment near Piazza Tasso. I was running a little late, but I didnít forget to bring my camera along with me. I had been wanting to take a few pictures from that part of town, but I can never plan what inspires me. After my appointment, I strolled along the Arno. With the grey sky above, I enjoyed my walk along the fiume (river), looking for something to take a photo of.

Living in Florence :: A grey morning

I walked across Ponte alla Carraia and took a few photos of the fiume with the ponti (bridges), but they werenít my favorites. With the sun seeping through the clouds, I was forced to squint at times because of the bright light the sun created.

I took a few pictures of the wide sidewalk along the Arno with Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio in the distance as well that I liked. Then, I took a photo that I liked even more. The one I have included here of a girl walking across Ponte Santa Trinita. I was fortunate to get a photo with only one person walking across and no cars, buses, or motorini (scooters). I had thought of trying to wait and see if I could get a picture without anyone, but I liked it with her in it.

Most mornings, Ponte Santa Trinita is busy with people crossing it to reach the centro (downtown area). It can be difficult to cross at times with so much traffic, so I was surprised that I could take picture with only one person on it.

In the photo, I love how the Ponte Vecchio and the buildings along the Arno are hazy behind the small section of Ponte Santa Trinita. Any time I get a good photo of my favorite ponte, it makes me smile.

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