Sunday stroll to catch the sunset

Early this evening, Alessandro and I went out for a walk. I usually enjoy strolling the streets by myself so I can stop and take photos when I want, but being with someone else, especially my marito (husband) adds something to the experience for me. Because the streets were crowded with people on their Sunday walks, we initially decided to head away from the negozi (shops), and head toward Piazza della Signoria.

Living in Florence :: Sunday stroll to catch the sunset

In the piazza, gusts of cold wind met us head on. We quickly turned down a narrow street for some protection. Fast moving clouds were moving above us. It had rained this morning, but it looked like rain was far away from us now with large clear patches in the sky.

We walked down via Por Santa Maria in the direction of the Ponte Vecchio where many of the shops were open. People scurried past us with large square bags containing their purchases. I noticed how the lights of the negozi glowed out onto the sidewalk while we were walking in the middle of the street.

Instead of attempting to cross the Ponte Vecchio, we walked down the lungarno (street along the Arno) toward Ponte Santa Trinita. I was hoping to take a photo of an autumn sunset, but the colors were pastel and not as dramatic as I had hoped. I turned around to look at the Ponte Vecchio and saw how vibrant it looked. So much so that I couldnít resist positioning myself on Ponte Santa Trinita to capture it in its entirety.

Once the sun went down, we decided to check out some negozi while they were still open. We walked down via Roma, to the Duomo, and then home. It was probably less than two hours after I took my photos that the weather changed completely. We hadnít been home for more than five minutes when it began to rain. I was happy we got home in time since I only brought my camera with me and nothing else.

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