Golden sunlight in the fall

This morning when I left the house for my run, I looked up at the dim, but clear, sky and saw the sun peeking from behind a cloud in the distance. Since we still havenít set our clocks back, the sunrise is quite late. I peered at the gold outline around the tops of the clouds in the East.

I didnít notice how golden the light was until I ran across Ponte San NiccolÚ and headed back toward the Ponte Vecchio. The light reminded me of the golden sunsets we usually have in the summer. I hadnít realized that in the fall, we sometimes had the same light at sunrise.

With the cool air brushing against my face as I ran, I couldnít help but smile while looking up at my beloved city. I found it amazing how nature and art mix to create an even greater splendor. It was breathtaking to observe the city in this golden sunlight.

When I ran across the Ponte Vecchio, I saw the gold ball and cross on the top of the Duomoís cupola (dome) sparkling. I stopped at the outlet above the Arno next to the Uffizi to examine the Ponte Vecchio. It was probably the first time I saw such warm light on the eastern side of it.

Seeing my beloved city in the morning is one of the greatest gifts I receive. Not only do I physically feel great after my run, but I also feel filled up with great joy as well. Florence is a stunning city although sometimes when you live somewhere, you pass things by or no longer notice its charms. Iím so happy to still take note and truly appreciate my city. It rewards me a million times over, and for that alone I am grateful.

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