Spring has arrived

After having set our clocks back this last Sunday, I now feel as if spring has finally arrived. The days feel longer now that the sun comes up later and stays up longer. This morning when I woke up at 7 am, I looked out the window and saw the long shadow off the Ponte alle Grazie on the banks of the Arno. I was pleased to see the city glowing in a warm orange and pink. Spring certainly suits Florence.

I sat in our apartment with the windows shut and could still hear the muffled sounds of the city outside. The street cleaners passing in the street below, the clanging of bottles and glasses falling into the recycle truck, a few cars, trucks and motorini (scooters) driving along the Arno. Few people were out walking except those with dogs.

The noises became more frequent and louder as time passed by. Earlier, I could hear more silence then sounds, but only an hour later, the city is much noisier. The changes in the city are quick and drastic: the long shadow has almost disappeared and the colors of the city are brighter and less colorful.

One of my greatest joys is just to listen to and watch my city wake up from its slumber for another day. The day begins with so much warmth and hope, and Iím eager to get started. Even though the morning chill lasts a little longer, Iím optimistic about the day ahead and eager to enjoy more spring mornings.

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