Recharging my batteries

No matter how much I love my life in Florence (and also Paris), I truly feel the need to return to my home state at least once a year. Oddly enough itís not where I grew up that draws me as much as the place where I was born, which for me is Los Angeles. I just feel a pull to return to where I took my first breath. Even though I lived here for only a year or two, and obviously donít remember it, I still feel a strong pull to return at least once a year.

One of the main reasons to come to California is to see my family and friends face-to-face. It can however be a little stressful at times because I feel my life has changed drastically from the one I lived when I was here. Itís as if I headed down a different road and to be able to connect again, I have to turn around and go back.

I grew up in Northern California, but I realize that Los Angeles is where I have to come alone to recharge my batteries. Itís almost as if my system gets rebooted here. I doubt I would ever return to California to live, but a week in the area where I was born feels almost vital to me.

When Iím here, I just completely relax, let go, and take stock of my life. I thought that Iíd be able to do the same on vacation, but in that situation Iím in discovery mode, not ďrecharging my batteriesĒ mode.

For the moment, Iím still in the ďletting goĒ phase, but I feel as if my power is returning. I think that my monthly trips to Paris have taken a bit of a toll on me and I just needed a break from the ping-pong traveling Iíve been doing. I love going to Paris and I love my job, but packing up every month to move my entire life for two weeks can be a bit stressful. Since November, Iíve been to Paris seven times with rarely more than two weeks in Florence at a time.

I havenít done a lot since I arrived in California on Friday, but I feel as if the result of this trip will slowly show itself to me in the weeks to come even after Iíve returned to Florence. For now, Iím spending my time doing everything that brings me joy: running, writing, relaxing, watching the waves crash against the shore, eating, visiting with friends and family, and pampering myself.

This week is a special one for me and Iím appreciating it to the fullest.

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