Come and gone

Tuesday evening I returned to Florence after a little over two weeks in California and today Iím in Paris. My trip to the US was a great personal success for me. Besides recharging my batteries, I redefined my goals, met new people, made deeper connections with family and friends, and committed myself to my goals and priorities. Being an expat is an enriching experience that can be quite challenging at times. So for me, itís a great respite to return to my natal city and reconnect with the energy I was born into. Itís as if I can more easily reassess my life by seeing where I am and where I was.

My beloved city constantly nudges me to follow my heart and in doing so reminds me that sometimes I need to just let go. Discovering who I am and defining what I want in my life seems to be a constant hum in my heart. I believe that Florence has instilled the music that flows inside of me that continually brings me great joy.

For the few days I was in Florence, I tried my best to just soak up its energy and beauty. Even though I had to work as well, I was so happy to be back in Florence. I had lunches and dinners with friends, took pictures, walked around, ran along the Arno and up to Piazzale Michelangiolo, and soaked up its charm.

I was happy to see how warm the colors were and how the humid air encircled me like a soft embrace. I never tire of Florence; there is always something for me to discover, enjoy, and appreciate.

Now I am back in Paris for work for about two weeks. Iím looking forward to enjoying my time here since I've been away for five weeks. I plan on enjoying my time here in Paris, taking in the city as much as possible, before I return to Florence. I, of course, long for Florence, but I know that it is tucked inside my heart and will never be too far away from me.

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