Unexpected pleasures

This morning I intended on going for a cappuccino in Piazza della Signoria since my favorite place is closed for the next two weeks. When I arrived I the piazza, I noticed that it was closed. My only plan B was to go much farther away to Caffè Giacosa. I didn’t really have the time, but I rushed over anyway because I love the caffè and the paste (pastries).

I turned off of via Calzaiuoli onto via Porta Rossa. I wanted to walk past the Orsanmichele church, but I knew that I’d be tempted to go inside to light a couple of candele (candels). I turned right onto via Pellicceria and under the portico (arcade) was the mercato di fiori (flower market) that is there every Thursday. I had completely forgotten about it and actually lost track of the day of the week it was.

I walked by each stand with a smile on my face. I was so pleased to see the variety of colorful flowers and leafy, green plants. I wanted to buy something, but I wasn’t sure what so I decided to continue on to the caffè.

After I stood at the bar sipping my cappuccino and eating my pasta while the crumbs fell to the floor, I thought about how even if I didn’t have the extra time, it was well worth the walk to have my colazione (breakfast) at Caffè Giacosa.

I hurried back to the mercato di fiori and instead of just perusing the flowers, I stopped and bought some for myself. Even though I won’t be here that long, I wanted to have some flowers in my apartment since I spend most of my time indoors working. I bought a mazzo di tulipani (bouquet of tulips). The orange and white bulbs were still closed, but I knew that with the heat in my apartment, they’d open right up.

As soon as I returned home, I put my tulipani in a vase so I can see them from my desk.

I probably should have been frustrated about the two bars being closed, but instead, I went with the flow. I was greatly rewarded in the end to two wonderful pleasures: a delicious colazione and lovely tulipani.

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