Here's hoping the warm weather will last

I decided to make nice with the girls at the lavanderia (dry cleaner's) today. I've been wanting to go back and say something instead of walking out without looking back, like I did the last time. I finally decided, after much procrastination, to go to the lavanderia today.

I went down via Ghibellina and didn't see the shop. It has been so long, I figured that I made a mistake, so I went all the way around the block. I stopped in to ask the sarta (seamstress) who fixed a pair of pants for me a few weeks ago.

I asked her where the lavanderia was and she said that there wasn't one on this street, but there is one on via Ghibellina. I asked her if it possibly moved, but she said she doesn't go down that street much and she wouldn't know.

I went back around and still couldn't see it. Suddenly I saw a piece of paper stuck to the door of a shop where I thought it was. It said that the lavanderia was closing its business definitively as of January 1, 2005.

I was really surprised and I felt a bit sad that they were gone. I lost my chance to make nice with them.

I went down a few blocks to the other lavanderia that I liked where the woman, in her late forties, dresses impeccably and is always exceptionally polite to all of the customers.

I told the woman as I gave her my down jacket and scarf that I was hoping that the warm weather will last. "Speriamo di sė," (Let's hope so) I told her. She smiled and told me, "A mercoledė." (See you Wednesday). I was hoping to get my things back quicker just in case it cools down, but hopefully the great weather we've been having will continue.

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