Roaming the streets of Lucca

We did our usual touristy favorites: walked around town, visited a few monuments, sat down on an outside terrace for an afternoon snack (coffee and dessert), shopped a little, looked for gifts, and had dinner.

We, unfortunately, forgot a few things: my camera and Dave's sunglasses. Our train was at 2:30 PM on Friday and at 2PM we were still at home. We had to get out of the house to make our train. We packed up our computers, our two wireless routers, stuffed a few more things in the suitcase and ran out the door.

We walked briskly to the end of Piazza Santa Croce where there's a taxi stand and as we approached the only taxi waiting there, someone jumped into it. I suddenly got very anxious and hoped another one would come quickly and it did. I knew that if we took the bus, we'd never make it and then we'd have to sit at the train station for a little over an hour.

After walking up and down the main street a few times and getting a little lost, we pretty much saw all of Lucca. We even climbed to the top of the Torre Guinigi (Guinigi Tower) where there are a few trees planted on top. From the top we could look out onto all the terracotta rooftops and see all around the countryside. There are lots of shops–some touristy, some trendy–but not many restaurants.

We'd come back to Lucca to relax, to shop, and to just get away from the hustle-bustle of Florence. And we'd absolutely go back to the little B&B that we found. Especially since we've convinced them to get a wireless router.

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