Back in Florence

Two nights and four baths later, we left Lucca this afternoon. We had a great time eating out and shopping. Our Bed & Breakfast was the greatest find. Each morning, they had a full buffet and also served us warm pastries and fresh fruit salad. They even offered to make any-style eggs and frittate (omelets) if we wanted.

We planned to return to Florence later in the afternoon around 3PM, but when we got outside we realized that almost everything was closed. So we decided to leave right after lunch. We visited a few churches, walked around and looked for a trattoria for lunch. We tried to get into another restaurant, but they didn't begin lunch for another 20 minutes, so we left. I thought we'd go back, but we just wanted to eat and go back home. It rained throughout lunch and luckily, it stopped when we got outside again.

Our train wasn't that full and we sat toward the back where there were even fewer people. Dave worked on his computer and I read a magazine. Because there were some loud kids on our train I couldn't really concentrate to read. We had almost an entire bottle of Barbera d'Asti wine last night with dinner and I still felt a little groggy.

We really enjoyed Lucca although once we got back to Florence we realized how quiet and peaceful it really was. Not many people were out in Lucca and yet on the ride back to our apartment in the taxi in Florence, the streets were filled with people. Shops were open, people were lined up to visit the Duomo, and tourists were walking around. Business as usual.

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