Impromptu dinner at a friend's house

Tonight, I was brought over to my friend's friend's house at around 9:30PM. I thought we were just going for a visit, but we arrived right when they were about to sit down to eat. Since we hadn't yet eaten either, they invited us to eat with them. I was embarrassed about coming over empty handed, but they made us both feel comfortable.

The husband and wife quickly fetched two more chairs, set the table, offered us drinks, and made us sit down to eat with them.

They had prepared sautéed beef, green salad, cucumber salad, parmigiano (parmesan cheese), and prosciutto crudo. What was supposed to only feed the two adults and their five-year old daughter ended up easily feeding all of us.

I was amazed at how comfortable they were about adding two more people to their dinner table. We drank, ate, and talked for at least two hours. It was the first time I had met this couple and it felt like we were old friends. Then, they pulled out a bottle of limoncello and some biscottini (cookies) for us to have as dessert.

I realize that most people have lots of food in their refrigerators. I seem to plan out day by day now and I wouldn't have been able to handle more people at dinner like they did. It seemed almost normal for them, and I hope that I too can someday be as calm as them about it.

After dinner, we all brought the plates to the sink and helped clear the table. I walked out of the kitchen to the salotto (living room) to talk with the little girl, and when I walked back into the kitchen, it was spotless.

They invited us to come back again some time for a more prepared dinner. And, I'll feel better about it because I'll at least be able to bring a dolce (dessert) or bottiglia di vino (bottle of wine).

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