A foggy Monday

After a rainy and gloomy Sunday, today started out foggy. It was so dense this morning that I could barely see the buildings across the Arno river. I looked out at the muddy green water that was swirling around and was mesmerized. The sun occasionally peeked through the clouds as they quickly passed overhead.

I felt a bit pensive standing at my window this morning looking out onto the piazza below. I love my apartment because I can be home and yet see the world outside as it floats along effortlessly. Two poliziotti (policemen) were winding their way through the parking lot ticketing cars that weren't supposed to be there. A tow truck was maneuvering itself to remove a car that was parked at the end of the row under my building.

A few people were riding motorini (scooters) around the monumento (monument) at the end of the piazza trying to find spots where they could squeeze in their motorini to park them. I kept hoping no one would park it in front of my bicicletta (bicycle) as I'll have to move it myself to get out.

The construction site next to the hotel has finally been removed so there are a few extra parking places as well as a few makeshift spots just big enough for cars to get in and out of.

I watched one man walking his dog with a plastic bag in his free hand waving in the wind. Cars and motorini line up along the lungarno waiting for the light at via dei Benci to turn green.

There weren't any canoe (canoes) in the Arno this morning as the water appears a bit tumultuous. I sometimes watch them head toward Ponte alle Grazie and then turn around to go toward Ponte Vecchio and down to Ponte alla Carraia.

The weather doesn't appear as cold as it was on Friday when the rain was a bit slushy and I thought it would snow. There are people walking outside wearing jackets instead of the usual piumini (down jackets) with scarves wrapped tightly around their necks.

It wasn't until after lunch that the sky cleared up and the sun brightened up the city. Some days I like to watch my city and take it all in as if it were a drink to be sipped and not gulped.

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