Local elections

For the past few weeks all that anyone has been talking about around town are the elections. I have heard people complain about the state of the city: dirtier and less safe. Many of the people I know have anger simmering right below the surface because their treasure is not being taken care of as it should be. I do hope that there will be a change for the better because my beloved city needs someone who will love and respect it more. Someone who will resuscitate it for the residents to enjoy and cherish once again. Luckily many tourists still experience its beauty and aren't exposed to the less appealing sides of the city.

Not only have I been disappointed by the local government, but also by many people who disrespect the city that I adore. It is disheartening when I see people throw their garbage in the street, men relieve themselves in public during the day, and dog owners who leave their dog's remains behind on the sidewalk. I assume that some people believe that if no one else takes care of the city, why should they? But, I believe that we should try to take care of it because it is our home, not because some policeman will give us a fine or reprimand us.

There is a desire for change in the city, but the tendency is to just complain even though nothing gets accomplished with just words. Most people will probably end up voting for the same partito (party) as the previous elections in the hopes for change, but with a probable reality of going down the same road.

I make an effort to not complain about where the city is now because I know it's not helpful. I choose to hold my city close to my heart so that others will hopefully follow suit. I am hoping that we will turn a corner and that my beloved Florence will reclaim its splendor. Not just for the beauty that one can enjoy with one's eyes, but for the beauty that the city transmits to each of us through our hearts.

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