Jin Shin Do

After a friend talked to me about her quick experience with Jin Shin Do I was interested to learn more about it. She explained that it was a combination of acupressure and Reiki. I have studied Reiki a little bit and just recently took an introductory class on Chinese medicine that I enjoyed. I decided to go for a Jin Shin Do trattamento (treatment/session) last Thursday with the instructor and was amazed at how powerful it was. I couldn't wait to learn more at today's presentazione (presentation), and even invited a friend of mine, Giovanna, to join me who is a naturopata (naturopath).

The instructor, Monica, is a woman that encompasses mother Earth. She has a loving and sweet nature about her that just makes me smile when I see her. Today was only the second time I've met her and I already felt so close to her.

Only a couple of people came for the presentazione, but it ended up being a benefit. Monica discussed the history of Jin Shin Do, which was created by an American woman in California, its uses and its benefits. She talked to us all as if we would become future operatori (practitioners). Two of the people in our group were wanting to learn it for professional use, while one other man and I were interested in using it for our own personal benefit.

After we learned the points on the body, we immediately were instructed to try them out on another person in the group. I was put with a young woman whom I didn't know. She lied down on the table while I sat behind her. Monica went through the points of the basic trattamento and I followed her instructions. I hadn't worked on anyone else in a couple of years. The last time was when I went to do a Reiki scambio (exchange) with a group of people.

At the end of the trattamento, the woman told me how relaxed she felt. I was initially a bit worried that I wouldn't find the right points on another person's body, but Monica told us that placing the fingers in the general area is key, not the exact point.

The woman I worked on then had to do a trattamento on me and it was very relaxing and powerful. We both ended up liking each other so much that we exchanged phone numbers so that we could try to do another scambio together.

The first introductory course for Jin Shin Do isn't until September, so I'll have to wait until then to learn more. In the meantime, I'm going to try to find a book on the subject to read up on this summer.

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